Undocumented Americans

Mini-docMar 28, 2013

The American Psychological Association's 10-minute documentary on the immigrant experience, "Undocumented Americans," introduces viewers to Jong-Min, Pedro, and Silvia, three undocumented Americans who have struggled with the fears of deportation in their effort to obtain an education in the United States. The video highlights the psychological impact of isolation, stress, separation, anxiety, depression, and fear that affects the six million children and young people in the United States who are either undocumented or whose parents are unauthorized. APA advocates in the video that these millions of people living in America "shouldn't be traumatized and separated from their families because of their status. Behind these numbers are people who have grown up undocumented but American, and deserve humane treatment and understanding." The video combines audio interviews of Jong-Min, Pedro, and Silvia, graphics, original and stock media, music, as well as interview footage shot by Planet Vox. Planet Vox provided consulting, video production, editing, and project management for the video.