Howard Theatre Oral History Day

Event CoverageApr 01, 2013

On Saturday, December 1st, 2012, the historic Howard Theatre in Washington, DC hosted its first Oral History Day to gather personal accounts of the Howard Theatre during its 103 years of existence and the surrounding Shaw/U Street neighborhood. The event featured oral history interviews with performers Dick Gregory, Greg Gaskins, David Akers, Jimi Smooth and Sandra Bears. The Howard Theatre Oral History Project, launched by Howard Theatre Restoration, Inc (HTR), is a long-term initiative to document the theatre's history, which HTR will present to the public at the soon to be built Howard Theatre Education and Cultural Center annexed to the Howard Theatre. Planet Vox, who was a sponsoring organization, provided video production services to document interviews that took place during the Oral History Day. Following the event, Planet Vox edited together a compilation of oral history interviews of performers, patrons, and neighbors.