Web Design & Development

Modern websites function rather than simply inform. They are complex applications that do the work of storefronts and offices. They stream, broadcast, publish, buy, sell, deliver, archive, assemble, lobby, congregate, agitate, and build community. These web applications require multiple databases and servers, content delivery networks, as well as integration with shopping carts, social media, streaming media, and many other specialized online platforms.

Planet Vox creates web applications using the open-source content management system Drupal CMS as well as the following: PHP, Javascript, HTML5, HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS, Ajax, Jquery, MySQL, and Flash.

Whether you need to launch a campaign, sell a widget, or simply create a modest home on the Internet, we can help.


Drupal is gaining steam as more and more organizations, government agencies, and businesses realize the cost savings and flexibility of an open-source content management system (CMS) which can be themed and customized to create powerful web applications. Whitehouse.gov is a Drupal site. So is planetvox.com, as are these: www.oxfam.org, www.bestbuymobile.com, www.rafaelnadal.com, www.hrw.org, www.commerce.gov, www.mensa.org, www.viarail.ca, www.christinaaguilera.com, www.mercycorps.org, www.pythonline.com, www.grammy.com.

Ask Planet Vox what Drupal can do for you.

Video Management and Delivery

If you have video content, we can help you present, manage, archive, and distribute it on the Internet. We can help you connect to the power of existing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, or create a custom content delivery network (CDN) like we did for our own website using FFmpeg, JW player, and Amazon Web Services. We design and compress video advertisements in Flash and other formats for use in Internet video ad campaigns. If you need to create video content to push to the Internet, we have the equipment, experience, and skills to generate what you need.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon.com can sell you books and shoes, but it can also connect you to a super-powerful, dependable, cost-effective, and flexible content delivery network and computer processing center. For just pennies at a time, Amazon Web Services stores and handles data-hogs like video and high-resolution images. Planet Vox can help you set up the back-end architecture to take advantage of one of the best deals going on the Internet.

SEO and Social Media

Search Engine Optimization is all the rage and with good reason. If search engines don't find your site and list it when people search for stuff, you get left out. Planet Vox builds search-optimized websites, using keywords, metatags, content authoring, W3C validation, and social media integration. Uploads to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube and other social media platforms connected to your site help to increase your rankings.

Content Publishing

Create a blog, publish a newsletter, launch an email campaign, or do all three, and send out your first Tweet to let everyone know about your new Facebook page. You write the content, we create the back-end with Drupal so all you do is log-in, write, upload, and publish.


Planet Vox can help you build and manage your e commerce website, integrating bank merchant accounts, payment processors like PayPal and Authorize.net, and other third-party financial applications. Make sales and receive donations via credit card and PayPal within a secure, SSL (secure socket layer) financial platform and generate sales and customer reports.


Our talented graphic artists can develop a website that fits your needs. If you need to develop graphics on a budget, we can keep-it-simple and make-it-happen, or if you need some zest or a new look to capture exactly the right essence of your identity or campaign, we can spend more time and create a distinctive look that will complement the expanded function of your new website.

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