Producing, Directing & Consulting

Video is an art form but also a communications product. It's important to be creative, but you need to come in on budget and meet deadlines on whatever you are producing. At Planet Vox, we strike the right balance and begin by listening to your ideas and asking questions.

Video is digital and technical, and so there is a necessary focus on the medium, electronics, and production quality, but at the heart of a video there is a story and an audience and a goal that the audience will be affected in some meaningful way. Our team of writers, producers, and creative directors works with you to achieve that goal.

Call us. We like talking with people who are making media. Hopefully we can provide some helpful information over the phone. We'll tell you how we would approach your project and follow up with a proposal and budget if you like.

Planet Vox offers scripting and concept development for 30-second ads and longer format productions. We do independent research and can start from scratch, or take your outline or draft and knead it into shape.

For larger projects, it saves time and money to create storyboards, even just a few. Planet Vox creates storyboards from hand-drawn art and digital graphics.

Footage Research
Oftentimes to complete a video it is necessary to find footage beyond what you can shoot or access from existing assets on the shelf. Planet Vox excels at finding the best footage available to help complete video narratives. A lot of footage can be obtained for free or low-cost from sources that are in the public domain or friendly to your project. We know where to look, what to ask for, and how to strike a deal that includes the rights you need for your production and gets the content to the editor in time.

Producing means taking responsibility. It's your show, but our job to get it done. And make it great.

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