Video Editing
Our skilled and talented editors will work to make your vision become a reality. Whether your primary requirement is creative input or technical expertise, our team will produce the highest quality product for your project or campaign.

We offer two tiers of video editing service: basic and advanced. Our basic HD editing rate is ideal for b-roll projects, quick-edits going to YouTube, or other low-intensity editing projects, and covers standard cuts and transitions, Final Cut pro titles and lower thirds, still image insertion, and file compression. Our advanced HD editing rate is the service level needed for broadcast production, 30-second spots and ads, animations, and higher-profile or complex editing projects.

We publish secure previews to our projects website and allow you and your team to collaborate with our editors.

We offer discount rates for non-profit work, as well as day-long and week-long assignments. Call (202) 842-1515 or fill out our simple website form and we'll contact you right away for a with a quote.

Motion Graphics
Planet Vox graphic artists have an extensive toolbox of high-end digital applications to create low-cost, high-quality video graphics and animations that will separate your video from others. Let your imagination run free with our artists to produce motion graphics using logos, text, or photos that will increase the production value of your project.

Color Enhancement
One of the last and important phases in the post-production process. The subtle distinction of color, the consistency of light from shot-to-shot are the things most of us miss. The final polish is our favorite aspect that can bring your project to life.

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