Digital Media & Distribution

Marshall MacLuhan's book Understanding Media advanced the notion that the medium was the message. Like most people in Washington, we still believe that the message is the message, but the medium can affect how well you reach your audience, and for how much money, and how quickly. We stay on top of media mediums - the many media formats and distribution methods - and can help you with your next project to make sure it gets where it needs to go on time, on budget, and ready to play. Not sure exactly what you need? Let us make some phone calls on your behalf to get the technical details right with the end user of your media.

Digitizing and Drives to Go
We ingest Panasonic P2, Sony SxS, Compact Flash cards and can offload from most video and DSLR cameras, and can edit metadata if needed. We keep new portable hard drives in inventory and can back up your media, clone and send it via courier or Fedex, and/or upload select files to the Internet. Do you have legacy tape or uncommon physical media formats? If we don't have the equipment to digitize or open it, we know who does and will make your media accessible to meet your deadline. We digitize the following SD and legacy formats: Beta SP, DVCAM, DV, DVCPro, Digital 8, Hi-8, 8mm, Super VHS, VHS, audio cassette. To avoid data-loss from drive failures, digitized media can also be backed up to LTO tape for long-term storage (~15 years minimum in a climate-controlled environment). Planet Vox currently offers LTO-4 tape backups with up to 781GB of data on one tape. Digitize your analog media now before it degrades!

Encoding and Compression

Planet Vox can convert your video and audio into digital and web-ready formats, including QuickTime .mov and H. 264, Flash, Windows Media, formats for YouTube, Vimeo, and mobile devices, as well as full-frame video formats for editors and broadcasters.

DG Fastchannel
We're DG-certified. We upload ads and spots to standard-definition and high-definition broadcast specification to the DG Fastchannel distribution system to U.S. television networks. We can fine-tune and upload existing spots or help take your ad concept from script to screen.

FTP Hosting
Distribute broadcast-quality or full-frame content or clips to users across the Internet. We can help trim, compress, and upload content for secure, FTP download over our high-speed connection.

Satellite and Fiber Distribution
For breaking or in-demand news content or to get content to broadcasters right away, Planet Vox can arrange a satellite or fiber feed.

DVD Authoring

Planet Vox offers Blu Ray and standard definition DVD compression and authoring services, and can help create your next DVD the way you want it to look and interact.

CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Duplication
We offer fast turn-arounds with ink-jet labeling for small-quantity disc duplication jobs (a few hundred or less), packaged in recycled paperboard sleeves from Rebinder. Job pickup and delivery via courier available, or we can send out for you via Fedex. We can manage large orders as well, adding sharp graphic design on a variety of packaging.

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