Oceans: Plenty of fish in the sea?

Feb 11, 2014 BY Anonymous
Oceans VP Amanda Leland looks at a new idea that’s helping fish populations rebound while catches increase up to 40% in Environmental Defense Fund's animated web series Uncommon Sense.

Health: We are all guinea pigs

Feb 11, 2014 BY Anonymous
Biochemist Richard Denison takes on the problem of untested chemicals in consumer products in the Health episode of Environmental Defense Fund's Uncommon Sense animated web series.

Shell Game

Sep 27, 2010 BY Administrator
This ad features original footage shot by Planet Vox of a slick operator demonstrating the classic shell game, a metaphor for the violation of the public trust at the Food & Drug Administration. Eerie carnival music accompanies the confidence trick as the narrator delivers the message that it's time to fix the FDA. Produced for a coalition of consumer and public health groups/Op-Ad Media