Mercury (No Longer) Rising

Feb 14, 2012 BY Administrator
Over the last year, the Environmental Protection Agency worked hard to pass regulations for coal-burning power plants to limit the emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants into our air, water, and food. A set of regulations called the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) for power plants, which the EPA developed through extensive research over the last 20 years as a part of the Clean...

American Voices: "Mom"

Sep 24, 2010 BY Administrator
Planet Vox produced two 30-second ads about climate change for the Environmental Defense Action Fund Campaign American Voices which feature individuals speaking about how climate change affects them personally. "Mom" features Monica Pica, an independent voter and a mother of five from Chester, PA, who encourages politicians to end their bickering and do something about climate change so that her...