AEP: What's Your Number?

Apr 02, 2013 BY Administrator
This web video, created for Environmental Defense Fund, targets American Electric Power, who has become the “bad example no other coal giant wants to follow” by blocking EPA’s proposed clean air rules. The video uses compositing to juxtapose news reports, campaign materials, and on-the-street statements to ask AEP, “How many lives are too many? AEP: What’s your number?” Learn more about the...

2012 APA Convention Opening Session

Apr 02, 2013 BY Administrator
The American Psychological Association created this Opening Session video for their 2012 Annual Convention to give APA members an update of the organization’s achievements, goals, and challenges. The video combines footage and photos provided by APA, interview footage and b-roll shot by Planet Vox, stock media, and composited sequences. Planet Vox provided consulting, scripting, video production...

From Honor to Owner

Apr 01, 2013 BY Administrator
"From Honor To Owner" celebrates veterans who are succeeding in the franchise industry. The video features the story of Shilo Harris, a wounded warrior who overcame life-altering injuries and opened his own franchise with the help of VetFran. VetFran is a strategic initiative of the International Franchise Association (IFA) that helps returning service members access franchise opportunities...

Howard Theatre Oral History Day

Apr 01, 2013 BY Administrator
On Saturday, December 1st, 2012, the historic Howard Theatre in Washington, DC hosted its first Oral History Day to gather personal accounts of the Howard Theatre during its 103 years of existence and the surrounding Shaw/U Street neighborhood. The event featured oral history interviews with performers Dick Gregory, Greg Gaskins, David Akers, Jimi Smooth and Sandra Bears. The Howard Theatre Oral...

Undocumented Americans

Mar 28, 2013 BY Administrator
The American Psychological Association's 10-minute documentary on the immigrant experience, "Undocumented Americans," introduces viewers to Jong-Min, Pedro, and Silvia, three undocumented Americans who have struggled with the fears of deportation in their effort to obtain an education in the United States. The video highlights the psychological impact of isolation, stress, separation, anxiety,...

Mercury and the Unborn

Jan 23, 2012 BY Administrator
This 30-second ad was part of the Evangelical Environmental Network’s ad campaign “Mercury and the Unborn.” Adapted from 60-second radio ads, these 30-second television ads feature Pastor Tracy, an Evangelical mom and pastor who gives a heartfelt plea to citizens to urge their senators to support the mercury rules proposed by the EPA. Planet Vox provided editing, stock footage research and...

Celebrating Forty Years of Progress

Oct 28, 2011 BY Administrator
If you have ever driven in a car with an air bag, you have Public Citizen to thank for the protection it provides. For 40 years Public Citizen has served as the people’s voice in Washington, D.C. Corporations, entrenched private interests and their public enablers may object, but Public Citizen uses the power of citizens exercising democratic rights to effect change that benefits everyone in...

Public Citizen

Oct 28, 2011 BY Administrator
Public Citizen: Celebrating Forty Years of Progress is a ~10-minute mini-doc produced with the help of Planet Vox to mark Public Citizen's four decades of gritty work serving as the people's voice in Washington, DC. The video combines interviews, archival footage, news clips, music, and graphics and traces Public Citizen's founding and accomplishments but also looks forward to new challenges....