Eye on Elegance

Dec 05, 2014 BY Administrator
Eye on Elegance is the companion online exhibition to the new museum exhibition about early quilts of Maryland and Virginia on display at the Daughters of the American Revolution. Planet Vox provided production services to Assemble, the exhibition designer, to create a series of seven videos for the exhibition website. The videos capture the beauty of the quilt masterpieces presented in the...

Celebrating Forty Years of Progress

Oct 28, 2011 BY Administrator
If you have ever driven in a car with an air bag, you have Public Citizen to thank for the protection it provides. For 40 years Public Citizen has served as the people’s voice in Washington, D.C. Corporations, entrenched private interests and their public enablers may object, but Public Citizen uses the power of citizens exercising democratic rights to effect change that benefits everyone in...

Public Citizen

Oct 28, 2011 BY Administrator
Public Citizen: Celebrating Forty Years of Progress is a ~10-minute mini-doc produced with the help of Planet Vox to mark Public Citizen's four decades of gritty work serving as the people's voice in Washington, DC. The video combines interviews, archival footage, news clips, music, and graphics and traces Public Citizen's founding and accomplishments but also looks forward to new challenges....