NRDC Action Fund

Mar 18, 2011 BY Administrator
Earlier this week, we headed over to NRDC Action Fund to work with their Communications Director, Matt Howes, to produce a short call to action video urging constituents to call their Representatives to stop Congress from taking away the EPA's ability to enforce the Clean Air Act. Shooting HD on our Panasonic HPX-500, we interviewed Jamie Consuegra, a climate advocate with the NRDC Action Fund...


Sep 27, 2010 BY Administrator
Animated graph paper is the viewing surface for a hand-drawn review of the careers of some House members who have served in Congress while the U.S. dependence on foreign oil has increased. Polaroid-style videos highlight the dangers and costs of continued dependence. The ad charts these Members' ultimate failure to support legislation that would have finally reversed course. Paid for by...

Get Real

Sep 27, 2010 BY Administrator
This simple, low-cost, one-shot ad features a mother in a living room. She asks viewers and Congress to face the reality of teenage sex and help teens stay safe from infectious diseases by rejecting abstinence-only sex education and providing access to medically-accurate information. Produced for National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association/Turner Strategies