The Bigger Hammer (Trailer)

Dec 05, 2014 BY Administrator
What really happened behind the scenes of the historic 2008 presidential election? The Bigger Hammer, a documentary directed by Keith Gaby and produced by Planet Vox, tracks the message wars of the Obama-McCain race with the leading strategists and spinners, uncovering how politics, thirty-second TV ads, and history shaped the race for the White House. Hear from insiders how the key political...

Eye on Elegance

Dec 05, 2014 BY Administrator
Eye on Elegance is the companion online exhibition to the new museum exhibition about early quilts of Maryland and Virginia on display at the Daughters of the American Revolution. Planet Vox provided production services to Assemble, the exhibition designer, to create a series of seven videos for the exhibition website. The videos capture the beauty of the quilt masterpieces presented in the...