Sep 27, 2010 BY Administrator
Quotations from Senators declaring the importance of addressing U.S. dependence on foreign oil fade up from black and are covered by images of oil addiction, the Gulf oil spill, and U.S. military engagement in the Middle East. As the images grow in number to reveal a mosaic of a child, a narrator urges viewers to spare our kids the mess and help the Senate pass a strong, clean energy bill. Paid...


Sep 27, 2010 BY Administrator
High-intensity type-graphics animate the news that the Chinese and Europeans have taken the lead in clean energy investment and job growth while multiple caricatures of the stymied U.S. energy debate gesture wildly. A workman's boot comes down, ending the debate to emphasize that we need clean, American power now. Paid for by Republicans for Environmental Protection and Truman National Security...

National AIDS Fund

Sep 27, 2010 BY Administrator
Text, animation, music, and narration combined with one powerful photograph create a simple, low-cost, and quickly-produced public service announcement distributed by the National AIDS Fund to support a a public education campaign and DVD release.

Shell Game

Sep 27, 2010 BY Administrator
This ad features original footage shot by Planet Vox of a slick operator demonstrating the classic shell game, a metaphor for the violation of the public trust at the Food & Drug Administration. Eerie carnival music accompanies the confidence trick as the narrator delivers the message that it's time to fix the FDA. Produced for a coalition of consumer and public health groups/Op-Ad Media

Get Real

Sep 27, 2010 BY Administrator
This simple, low-cost, one-shot ad features a mother in a living room. She asks viewers and Congress to face the reality of teenage sex and help teens stay safe from infectious diseases by rejecting abstinence-only sex education and providing access to medically-accurate information. Produced for National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association/Turner Strategies


Sep 27, 2010 BY Administrator
Bob, a father of three sipping lemonade in his lawn chair, shows just how hard it is to produce energy with his new rooftop solar panels. Shot in super 16mm film, this fun public service announcement promoting the solar roof campaign by the Solar Energies Industries Association features animated text and a happy jingle. Produced for the Solar Energies Industries Association


Sep 27, 2010 BY Administrator
A stack of vintage and modern televisions play back Presidential promises from the distant and recent past, heralding a future of cleaner energy and less dependence on foreign oil. The animated televisions, like the promises before, tumble, revealing our current politics and urging support for Senators who are working to finally enact comprehensive clean energy legislation. Paid for by...