Celebrating Forty Years of Progress

Oct 28, 2011 BY Administrator

If you have ever driven in a car with an air bag, you have Public Citizen to thank for the protection it provides. For 40 years Public Citizen has served as the people’s voice in Washington, D.C. Corporations, entrenched private interests and their public enablers may object, but Public Citizen uses the power of citizens exercising democratic rights to effect change that benefits everyone in diverse areas of public policy including economics and the distribution of wealth, health care and pharmaceuticals, climate change, justice, global trade, and auto safety. As Public Citizen's Lori Wallach says in a new mini-documentary video produced with the help of Planet Vox to mark the organization's 40-year milestone, "On issue after issue, we're the ones that see it, organize it, research it, plan it, drag everyone else in, and set up the hardest fights against the biggest odds."

The video premiered at a gala celebration held this October which brought together Public Citizen's staff past and present, colleagues in and out of government, as well as supporters, friends, and some of the organization's 80,000 members. Speakers included Peabody Award-winning journalist Bill Moyers; U.S. Rep. and former Public Citizen staff member Donna Edwards (D-Md.); founder Ralph Nader; founder and former Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook; Public Citizen board member and commentator Jim Hightower; and Public Citizen President Robert Weissman. The event was hosted by television producer and Public Citizen board member Steve Skrovan.

Combining new video interviews, archival footage, news clips, music, and graphics, the video traces Public Citizen's founding, hard work, and accomplishments but also looks forward to new challenges. The video features interviews with founders Nader and Claybrook and current Public Citizen staff including Weissman, who asks in the video, "What are the new threats that corporations are imposing on us? We have to continually adapt to find new ways to get the upper hand so we're in front of where they are going."

Planet Vox provided videography, editing, and consulting as well as a media workspace to produce an all-encompassing video combining over a half-dozen new interviews. Quickly pushing just-shot raw footage with timecode to our online project website, deploying a time-based corrector to tease out the best archival video from aging VHS tape recorded in Super Long Play format, researching high-quality public domain video and images, and kicking the editing into high gear with nightly previews, Planet Vox enabled Public Citizen's scripting and producing team to bring the story of Public Citizen to the gala's big screen as well as to YouTube's small screen.

To learn more about Public Citizen and its mission visit www.citizen.org.