How To Spur Creativity

Feb 09, 2011 BY Administrator

One of the strengths of Planet Vox is our ability to let the imagination run wild before executing the ideas technically. Our brainstorming sessions are a bit like a dog chasing after its tail; playful and determined to snatch it, but sometimes you're just running in circles, a tale chasing after the dog. Here's our philosophy, sometimes you have to run through the bad ideas to find and appreciate the good ones.

During our brainstorming, you'll find us sometimes doodling in our sketchpad or next to our notes. We'll jam out to some of our favorite mixes on Pandora, while diving deep into the Internet swimming through an ocean of information looking for that small gem of an idea. One great resource we frequently visit is Smashing Magazine. They profile great font types, interactive web pages, videos and motion graphics.

The little details that make our visuals pop are influenced by all of our surroundings. Sometimes the best source of ideas to finish and polish our work comes from our peers and clients.

One of our recent creative projects was a TV ad titled Mosaic. We started with a visual concept to join several images to form a mosaic. In the beginning phases of brainstorming and forming a technical work-flow for execution, we sought to work backwards by determining what the final mosaic image would be. We used a handy application, MacOSaiX, that really did the brute part of the work for us in creating that final shot of the ad. From there we had to customize our composition to make our concept become successful. We super-imposed selected images settling into the composition and added a clean camera movement to reveal the final mosaic, which proved to be the trickiest part of the execution.

Check out the final video here: Mosaic.