February 2011


Terra Drobo

Feb 17, 2011 BY Eric Gravley
In January, Planet Vox acquired a cool new data storage appliance called the Drobo FS to provide network accessibility and RAID-protecton to all of our project and design files. The Drobo has the speed to allow any users of our four edit systems to edit HD video stored on the Drobo over the Planet Vox CAT-6 gigabit network. The Drobo has 5 bays and we filled them with 2-Terabyte (2TB) drives,...

How To Spur Creativity

Feb 09, 2011 BY Administrator
One of the strengths of Planet Vox is our ability to let the imagination run wild before executing the ideas technically. Our brainstorming sessions are a bit like a dog chasing after its tail; playful and determined to snatch it, but sometimes you're just running in circles, a tale chasing after the dog. Here's our philosophy, sometimes you have to run through the bad ideas to find and...

Food For Thought

Feb 02, 2011 BY Christine York
At Planet Vox, our days are filled with meaningful projects and clients who work for a better world. As each client brings their vision to the table, we experience the world in a new and edifying way. Recently, we had the privilege of working with the good folks at Wildflour Catering, who served up more than just a fresh cup of perspective. A full-service catering company in Chantilly, VA,...